How to connect my app to the workflow/structure

I am trying to build on top of Monday for the hackaton. I would like to work with the CRM. But how do I connect to a sales rep list? Do I make a default sales rep list to start from? I am unsure of the workflow here. I have an idea of a few views and a flow in my app. I don’t really understand how to connect it to the app in general.

Hey @Harry_X - combining both threads on here.

Are you looking to plug into our API, or creating a custom application with our SDK?


Hi dsilva! I am using the SDK to make a custom application to work in the CRM set up. I just want to know how I hook it up to Monday’s workflow. Thank you for your time!

Hey @Harry_X - all information regarding our apps and integrations are available through our documentation. I personally recommend starting with the quickstart guides listed there to get an idea of how these apps integrate with monday.