How to create a formula for a colum that it will be dependent on another colum. calculated or enterable colum

hi everyone,
i am trying to create a formula that will allow me to use a colum as enterable if a certin condition is met and calculated from a formula if the condition is not met.

currently i am using this in order to calculate the pricing to a client
Pricing =
{EffortPlanned NIS}*{% Price Ratio}

do anyone know how to make the formula. if {% Price Ratio} is empty {Pricing} is enterable and {% Price Ratio} will be calculated {EffortPlanned NIS}{Pricing} else Pricing =
{EffortPlanned NIS}
{% Price Ratio}.

whatever colum is filled first the other one will be calculated.

thanks in advance for the help

Hi @omer.i
I think this might be what you are needing
Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 15.37.02

The Effort Planned NIS, % Price Ratio & Enterable Value fields are just standard Number fields for you to enter values

The Formula filed factors in the requirements

IF({% Price ratio}>0&{Effort Planned NIS}>0,{Effort Planned NIS}{% Price ratio},IF({Enterable Value}>0,{Enterable Value}{Effort Planned NIS},“Complete Enterable Value Field”))

From the screen grab if the %price value and entered value are empty it will state to complete the Enterable valule field
If %price ratio & Effort Planned are populated it will calc the Effort Planned x %Price Ratio
If Effort Planned & Enterable Value have data it will cal Effort Planned x Enterable data

Hope this provides what you need, let me know if you need anything in addition, don’t forget to mark as a solution, if it’s what you need
Many tahnks in advance
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