How to create a new custom trigger for "When Any status changes to Status in Board"

I am stuck with a board that has over 40 statuses so creating the individual automation for each status will not look neat as there will be too many automation, The board already has close to 20 automation.
The below is what I will like to achieve.

“When any status changes to Status in Board, Move item to group”

Hi @Bizanalysis!

I believe you may also have emailed your inquiry into our appsupport@ email.

We were chatting about the Remote Options custom field option for your integration recipe. However, I’m not sure this is the best choice for you since it sounds like you want this recipe to be triggered each time a label is selected by a user on a board, right?

If you want to provide a bit more context surrounding what you’re looking for and how the recipe would work for a user, I’m happy to see if we can come up with any other options for you!


Hi Helen,

Thank you for replying, Yes in a board. A board with 40 status columns and same status options, So when any of the 40 statuses is changed to done move item to group in the same board.

40 automations can be created for each status column however that will not look neat unless there was a way to put the automations in folders and the board already has more about 20 automations.

I already tried creating integration with the two built in status triggers in the dev section but they didn’t work.


hi @Bizanalysis

I do have like wise cases and I am using custom triggers to support this. In the subscribe event you can create a webhook to an endpoint in your app (I tend to call these webhookAction). If you app should support multiple instances per board you have to think of something too prevent multiple webhooks created. My subscribe endpoint also stores a row in a local database table, that row contains accointId, boardId, maybe some config from your recipe, a triggerhook and a solutionId column. The triggerhook is set to the id returned by the create webhook. I use the same table to find out if the webhook is already created on the board (just read the database on the boardId and you know).

Then inside the webhookAction (receiving all the events) you check is the event comes from a status column. If so you can post to the action part of the recipe using the subscriptionid stored in the same database.

I don’t think you can do this with some form of persistent external storage.

Hi @Bizanalysis,

Yes I agree with @basdebruin that right now your only option would be to create a custom trigger. You don’t even need users to select all 40 status columns within the recipe, it can simply be “When any status changes to {itemColumnValue, Done}, …” just like how you put it.

You can set up a webhook on all 40 columns like Bas suggested, or you can implement polling of these 40 status columns ever X minutes. Keep in mind the second option won’t be instantaneous.

Hello, @basdebruin @Helen

Thank you so much, I will work on it and update how it goes.

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