How to create a new group and tasks in that group using zapier

I need help with the following use case. On a client board, whenever a status column changes to enrolled, create a new group in another board. Then in that new group, add a number of items and subitems. I was able to get the first part working in zapier. When I try to add the items only to that new group, it is not working? How do I add that to this zap in zapier so it will choose the new group?

@Tara-Horn - If you’ve got the first part, I think we’d just need to fill out the Group ID with a Custom field:

If I’m understanding correctly, you should be able to use the same field that you used to name the new group you created. For example, if you used the “item name” to name the group, then you’d use the same item name field to find the group to drop the items in:

@tanner_elevate - Does this seem like a good solution?
@Tara-Horn - Let me know if this works for you and feel free to reach out!

Thank you! I hope to get to this soon!

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