How to create a "summary" dashboard?

One thing I have really struggled with, and don’t know how to do, is create a “summary” or “executive” dashboard. What do I mean by this? My staff use Monday to track projects using groups and the status columns - pretty typical I think. However, they track things at a much more detailed level then say the executives are really interested in. The extra detail usually just confuses things. Staff might need twenty different status’s or groups, as an example, to really keep track of where everything is at. What the executives want is a distillation of this info. They might want all these “statuses” to be summarized or rolled up into more broad statuses\categories. As a example, an executive might only want to see status categories of “Completed”, “In progress”, or “Delayed”. However, the staff would need many more than these three for their needs. It seems like dashboards just regurgitate what you have for groups or statutes in the board, which for me has too much detail. How do I build a “summary” dashboard based on a much more detailed board? Thanks in advance for the help.

Have you tried the multi board connect feature? This might allow you to build a high level board with a summary of information.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look at that.

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It look like this post here How to create a "summary" dashboard? - #2 by TheOtherPM might have answered your question, is that correct?

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