How to create an integration column?

I am trying integrate our app with by using custom trigger and CREATE AN ITEM WITH MAPPING. Can I know how will I be able to create an integration column along with this flow of creating an item?
Also, will I be able to update an item using the recipes only, without making use of API?

Hey @prsparrow - I believe you would be able to update the item using the recipes only.

As for the integration column - let me check in with the team on this and get back to you.


Interesting thought. Following


Could you please clarify what you would be looking for in an integration column in this case? I’m thinking you could simply create a Link column using the API and the create_column query, and then populate that with the kind of data you are looking to store there. That said, I’d love to hear more about the use case - any detail you could share with us would be really amazing :slight_smile:


To close the loop here – the integration column is not supported by our API. However, I recommend using a link or text column to hold the information to cross-reference your other tool.

You can use a link column to store the URL of the object in the other platform, or the text column to store some “primary key” (such as a unique ID).