How to create hourly pay rates per Person and auto-calculate cost totals per task?

Different workers have different hourly rates. We need an easy way to enter the rate when that person is assigned to the task, enter their estimated hours, and calculates cost. How do you recommend building this out so the unique cost/hour stays mapped to each individual?
Very important for Project Planning.

I’d create a separate “Rates-Board” board with your employees and their rates, then go fetch that rate with a link&mirror in the project board.

Here’s the result. You can then use a formula to multiply rate x load for your cost calculation.

You might need to use an automation of type {when [person] assigned to item, connect item [person] from “Rates-Board”}.

Edit: Monday can’t do this automation yet, you need to link the employee manually for each task.

Hi @Marc1 You’d actually be able to get monday to do this automatically for you using the following:


Hi @Bianca, @Marc1

That is indeed a great recipe to connect based on a matching value. There is however a caveat. When the matching value in the source board (another column in another board) changes, the link in the board where you add this automation will not change and therefore the mirror values won’t change either. You are potentially looking at the wrong data (hourly rate)!

This is why Match Index Column (see Apps Marketplace) was build. With this app your data on your board is changed when:

  • your match value in the current board changes
  • your match value in the other board changes (!!)
  • the value of the column in the other board changes

This app does not use connect board and mirror column but real monday columns that can be used in any further automation on the board.


Looking forward to trying out Match Index Column @basdebruin ! Is it a free app? Under the “Add to account” button it says “10 days trial”…

hi @rich-renegade

It has all the good things :slight_smile: but it is not for free. The app is priced at 89 Euro one-time fee for each target board (where you add the recipe) and unlimited source boards (where the data is read from.

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That’s a bit frustrating, esp you have to pay that high fee per-target, esp because index-match comes for free in all spreadsheets. No other way to do it though in an automated way?

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Yes, you can do it with the built-in recipe like @Bianca explains, but that has some limitations like I described earlier

Will this still work if the Target Board is a public or shareable board and the Source Board is a Private Board? Or will it work if they are both Private?

It should work, but I did not fully test that. Each integration app runs under the credentials of the (admin) person who added the app to the account. So, if that person has access to private source board you should be fine.

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Hi @rich-renegade :wave:

As @Marc1 and @Bianca mentioned you can achieve this by having two boards - one for each team members rates and one for the tasks.

You’ll first want to create a Person column and a numbers column with each team member’s hourly rate.

In another board you can then list each task and assign it to the relevant employee in the person column:

You can use an automation as Bianca suggested to automatically populate the Connect Boards and Mirror columns to automatically show the rate when the Person is assigned:

Be sure to add in a mirror column to reflect the hourly rate from the hourly rate board.

If the hourly rate of the team member changes in the hourly rates board, or if you assign this task to a new user, this information will automatically update in the task board with the relevant information :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question!