How-to: Deploy Monday App on AWS/Heroku etc

I have successfully built an app running on my local machine and using the tunnel.
How do I now deploy this on to AWS as a Lamda function or Heroku etc?

Hello @joshm and welcome to the community!

What kind of app are we talking about here? Is this a web app for a board/item view widget or a web api for custom action integrations?

I have had great experience working with Zappa for deploying python web apis to AWS (using a proxy+ lambda function). I have also used serverless.js for aws deployments of non-python web apis with success.

Hope that this helps and happy coding!


It’s a web api for a custom recipe. I’ve used the node.js quickstart app and amended it. I can run it locally and it works fine, I’m just not sure how to deploy it and the best option of where to deploy it. I’m not keen to pay for extra services if it can be avoided.
Many thanks