How to dump the Item ID into a Text file?

I need to capture the item-id and carry it other to other board as a specific value. It there a way to “dump” the item-ID into a Text column, in order to make it compatible with automations?

Hi @jlaroche

You can convert your Item ID column in to either a text, long text or numbers column!
To do this, just select the down arrow next to the column name and select ‘Change column type’ from the drop down menu.

It’s worth noting that this is not dynamic, so once you change the column type, you would need to manually add in any new items added to the board, as these will not automatically be synced from the ID column to the text / number column.



Thank you. I already do this, but it ain’t exactly what I am looking for.


Jean LaRoche, FRAeS (via mobile)