How to find out the earliest date of projects

I am solving a problem where I need to find out the date of the first project and then how many days it has been since the first project. And if it’s more than 365 days, then change the status to Old.
We have two boards. The first board is “clients,” and the second is “projects.” Each project has a start date recorded. On the “clients” board, the project is linked to the client using the Connect boards column.
I created a Mirror column on the “clients” board, naming it “date of first project” and selecting the start date from the projects board and setting show summary of Earliest. This will show me the date of the earliest project.
I created a Formula column and entered the formula:
DAYS(TODAY(), {date of first project}), this calculated the number of days from the first project to today’s date. I then wanted to use automation “When a number is greater than a value, change status to something” to change status to OLD if the number is greater than 365. And here, I came to a problem: the automation can only work with the number column.
Can anyone think of another way to solve the whole thing?