How to gather feedback on pulses?

I’m in the process of building a fairly complex workflow, and the one part I’m having trouble with is how to gather feedback on existing jobs.

My workflow will send an automated email to the client when the status changes to approved, but once this happens I’m not sure how to then capture their feedback as an update or a sub item on the parent pulse. It’s worth noting that not all people that will request jobs via the workflow form will be users on the platform (a lot of them are externals and people without a monday account).

Things I’ve tried:

  • Creating a feedback board with a form that allows people to enter an update. This is almost everything I’d need, but I’m unable to automate the process of converting it to a sub item and assigning it to pulse it relates to.

  • I’ve noticed you can click the “feedback via email” option in the updates section of a pulse. This is amazing, but what I’d like to do is be able to send this feedback email address in the automated email that gets sent when the job status changes. I tried deconstructing the address which seems to include the BoardID and the PulseID, but there’s no way of dynamically doing this that I can see…

How does everyone else handle the feedback loop in their workflow? I’d love to hear! If you have any ideas or examples of what worked for you then that would be very helpful.

Hi Pete,

How many rounds of feedback are you usually capturing?

I’ve created a Loom vid of something that might help. It utilises the matching automation.

Keep in mind there are platform limitations regarding connected items so this may not be suitable if you have a high volume of feedback.

You can also build out the job feedback board to reflect statuses and other details. I’ve just shown how you can connect the 2 boards.

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This is really helpful, thanks :slight_smile: I think there’s a solution somewhere between your suggestion and a couple of other things I tried. I’ll speak to my CSM and see what their advice is. I’ll keep you updated!

Hi / Elijah,

This loom video isn’t working any more for me? Would you mind sharing it again when you get a moment?

Try this: Here

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