How to generate url from board id

Hello, I would like to know how I can construct a url to a board from the board id.

My app queries and allows the user to select the board using the API. At the moment this is the query we are using:

            query: `query 
                { boards (${options || ''})

Since I have the board_id how can I construct a url so that I can link the user to the specific board?

I have tried${board_id}

but this generates a broken link


You have to add your account portion to the beginning, e.g.:

Hi @pasiem,

@JCorrell is indeed correct. You will need your account name to put in front of “” in order for it to work.


Great question!

I wanted to also jump in on the fun here and clarify that you could use another API query to get the account slug and construct the URL using the board_id and the slug. Here’s a query you could use to get the account slug/URL:

query { 
  boards {
    owner {
      account {

If my full account URL is “”, the result of the query above would be “example”. So you could use:


To construct the complete URL with the board ID included. Happy building!


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