How to get an auto-incrementing unique ID?

How can I have a column cell that is an unique ID in the format “STY-001”?

The ID should only be applied when the record is moved to a certain group.

The integer should increment based on the last similar such item, which won’t necessarily be in row order.

(I’m aware such things exist in the marketplace for purchase. What other methods exist?)

I have been trying to do this for a few months!.
My conclusion is that you need to write your own code (API) to solve this usefully.

The Auto Number feature calculates the id based on the order in the group or board.
So if the order changes so does the ID! pretty useless.

The only other way that I could see to do it without writing code was to use a time stamp.


and then use the CONCATENATE function


to incorporate this into a string “prefix-yy-mm-dd-hr-min”
you might need to create some hidden columns to get your building blocks correct e.g. yy- mm-dd from the date
this is horrible for at least 3 major reasons
(1) how do you get the prefix?
(2) it only works if less than 2 items are moved each min (how useless is a time with seconds?)
(3) the ID is going to be long “Prefix + 2410072236”

I hope I am wrong :slight_smile:
Good luck