How to get the Date from time tracker column?

Hey community.

I’m looking for a simple formula solution to get the date (DD,MM, etc…) from time tracker column. Is it even possible?

I am trying to create a weekend worktime multiplier without using the date column, rather just the time-tracker column. That means I need to separate the weekdays from the weekends first. I got the formula working with the Date column but not with the time tracker. This lead me to searching for this specific topic and I could’t find a solution.

The formula I used for separating days from the Date Column looks like this
IF(FORMAT_DATE({Date Column},“dd”)=“Sa”, “Weekend”, IF(FORMAT_DATE({Date Column},“dd”)=“Su”, “Weekend”, “Norm”))

This returns Weekend if the date is on Saturday or Sunday and Norm if on any other weekday.

I tried the same on the time tracker column but the dates are all wrong.

I can see that the time tracker has the date information in the log (when clicked) but how do I bring that information into a formula?

Thanks in advance!


Could anyone lead me to the right direction to solve this?



How to get the Date from time tracker column? Is this possible at the moment?

Hey @theosoul, good question! At the moment there’s no way to pull the date from the time tracker column.

For advice on workarounds I would recommend reaching out to :blush:

Thanks for your reply
Sad to hear it’s not possible though.