How to get the item values as output from recurring trigger

Hi Devs,

The built in Monday recurring trigger has only boarId & schedulerConfig as input values and no output values.

I have a couple of questions.

  1. How can I build a monday trigger combining a schedlerConfig & status like this - “Every time period if status is something ?”
    similar to this Gmail integration

  2. How to get itemValues as output from this trigger?



That’s a great question!

Although I realize this is not exactly what you were looking to hear, I’m afraid the recurring trigger will not allow you to insert conditions at this time. Instead, I recommend setting up a schedule for your integration to run using the in-built trigger, and then in the custom action part of the recipe, allow users to select the value you’d like to use. Then, you could run a “items_by_column_value” query to check the board for any matching items, return the relevant column data to your app and run the next step of the recipe.

To clarify a bit further, you will not be able to get ItemValues from this trigger’s output, as it does not run on an item level. This trigger will only allow you to configure a schedule for your flow to run on a specific board.

Would that fit within what you are looking to accomplish? What do you think?


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Hi Alex……I’m afraid I have lost track of what I asked (since I ask a lot of things…) and your reply did not include my original message to you. Can you send my question to you again so that I know what we are talking about here? Thanks!




Sure thing! Good to see you again :slight_smile:

This post was related to a question raised by possibly a different community member, @upitchika, who was asking how to input a column value condition into one of our in-built triggers that would run on a specific schedule. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps clarify.


Okay thanks……sorry I thought you were writing directly to me, for some reason!



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