How to get users with permissions by workspace

I have some problems with getting users, who invited to my workspace by API.
I can see teams, users, boards… But it imposible to find users (except owner) who can make changes in my workspace

Hey @klimofey.masa,

That’s an interesting one! Would you be able to clarify what exactly you would be looking to query here? Are you trying to query the workspace permission settings, or an individual board’s permission settings?

I’d love to make sure I understand your use case here so I can provide the most relevant info back. The more context you’d be able to share here, the better we’d be able to assist.


When a user is added to a workgroup, he / she becomes the owner of the rights to edit this working group and all the boards included in it. But I didn’t find a request to get these users. I need to get their IDs and names.
An additional problem is that sometimes there may be several owners, I also can’t get them all


Got it, thank you so much for clarifying. I’m afraid that at this time, our API doesn’t provide a way to get this type of data just yet, but i’ve made sure our product team is aware of your need here. This way, we can prioritize this change in our development schedule moving forward - I appreciate your input into making better :slight_smile: