How to identify my board view was created using duplicate


I’d like to be able to know that a new board view was created using duplicate, so I can duplicate the eazyform structure as well in my db. Is there a way to know it was created using duplicate and the original board view from which it was created?

If not, a simple solution would be to add a duplicateOf param to the query string of the new board view, and I can figure it out from the url

Hey @rbabayoff, at the moment it isn’t possible to get this data from the fields on the board object. But what’s the end goal here?

Maybe you can compare boards indirectly. I have a potential solution for you…

You can identify a board that was duplicated (or created from a template) because all the columns and rows have the same creation date and creator. However, it’s difficult to identify which the parent board is.

That said, you can use the (weak) assumption that “if a board has the same column structure as another, it is a duplicate”. Then, you can compare the column IDs and types of the current board with the columns of the boards in your DB to check if there’s a match.

This approach does expose a host of edge cases, but it’s a start! What do you think?

Hey dipro, to clarify, I’m not trying to duplicate a board, my customers would like to duplicate an eazyform board view and get the exact same form they already designed.

In order for me to support that, I need to know which eazyform board view they duplicated.

Right now, in both the url of my eazyform board view and the monday sdk context, I get the following params:

  • boardId
  • boardViewId

If I can also get a duplicateOfBoardViewId param then I can copy the eazyform structure from the original eazyform board view. I need the duplicateOfBoardViewId only the first time the new board view is loaded, immediately after duplicate, so I think it’s easy enough to implement.

Let me know if this clarifies things, thanks,

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