How to keep connected board link when item being moved via automation

Hi there,

I have three boards.
Board A (prospective jobs) - Where jobs are temporarily stored pending quote acceptance.
Board B (quotes) - All quotes (which can be linked to multiple line items, aka Jobs, on Board A)
Board C (active jobs) - Active jobs

I have an automation that moves items from Board A (prospective jobs) to Board C (active jobs) when the quote is accepted.

When the item sits on Board A (prospective jobs) it has a link to Board B (quotes.)

When the item then moves to Board C (active jobs) it loses it’s connection to Board B (quotes)

Uner the auotmation option config, there is no option to keep the existing link - just a drop down seelction of possible linkages.

Has anyone come across this before and knows how to keep the connection?

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Hi Jake,

You should be able to solve this using the automation (currently beta) that is called:
‘When an item is created in this board, connect the item where this column matches this column in another board by this logic’

You could obviously use a matching Item name for this but I tend to use an Item ID column.


I have a similar issue, but the columns in my boards don’t allow me to use the Beta automations.

I have 3 boards. In Board A, when something changes, it creates a new item in Board B. A&B Boards have a 2-way connection. Then, when item in Board B gets approved, it creates a new item in Board C. Boards B&C also have a 2-way connection. Ideally, I would also like Boards A&C to be linked as well (without having to do it manually- I needs require traceability).

However, my item names differ between Board A & C, and the only columns that are the same in both boards are mirrored items from Board B- which is a formulated unique identifier. I’m also looking for a workable solution.

I feel this would be solved if I could use the Beta automation, with an additional clause: “and if only…” (as you can when you Create a Custom Automation).

Please advise-

I am having this issue as well. I want to connect the item in Board A to a few boards (Board B and Client Management). Once it moves along my process, it should move to Board C while KEEPING the Board B and Client Management connections.

I don’t see the “Connect Columns” board in the Logic automation, so having trouble with this and causing lots of issues when I need to reconnect them manually.