How to keep connected board link when item being moved via automation

Hi there,

I have three boards.
Board A (prospective jobs) - Where jobs are temporarily stored pending quote acceptance.
Board B (quotes) - All quotes (which can be linked to multiple line items, aka Jobs, on Board A)
Board C (active jobs) - Active jobs

I have an automation that moves items from Board A (prospective jobs) to Board C (active jobs) when the quote is accepted.

When the item sits on Board A (prospective jobs) it has a link to Board B (quotes.)

When the item then moves to Board C (active jobs) it loses it’s connection to Board B (quotes)

Uner the auotmation option config, there is no option to keep the existing link - just a drop down seelction of possible linkages.

Has anyone come across this before and knows how to keep the connection?

Hi Jake,

You should be able to solve this using the automation (currently beta) that is called:
‘When an item is created in this board, connect the item where this column matches this column in another board by this logic’

You could obviously use a matching Item name for this but I tend to use an Item ID column.