How to launch a new App after testing

I am getting started into creating custom Apps for, but looking for some clarification on how to launch an App and have it work on its own. I followed some of the Quickstart Guides, setup the dev environment, and it seems to work on my laptop, but what is the next step? Does it need a server (since I cannot keep running the dev environment on my laptop forever) in order to run?

Would appreciate if anybody could point out to any simple instructions, as I couldn’t find a clear answer on this step in the current dev documents.

Thanks in advance.

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If your app includes the use of a server, then yes. You will need a server of your own to be running for this. This will work in the exact same way it is working now with your dev environment running but with the server’s endpoints.


Hi Matias,
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Is it possible to create an App without a server though? Following the Quickstart guide for integrations as a starting point, it needs the dev environment to test the endpoints and such. Does that mean the final app will require a server in order to work?

For example, creating an integration that syncs the item of a board with the data in another software/platform.

Thanks in advance.

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Generally speaking, if you want to retrieve information from and into monday and/or another platform you will need a server to do so unless your other platform as a way of sending and receiving requests.