How to listen for events / get a trigger

Hello !

Currently, I am using n8n. I used to use before.
I need to create a bot that is triggered instantly by, let’s say, a status change or a column change.

I am checking out everywhere in here, can you please show me on which page I can see this trigger?

Like, to listen for events.

Thank you.

Hello there @hbsfrance!

If you want, you can add a webhook as explained here.

The webhook would send a payload to an endpoint of your choice when a certain event occurs.

I hope that helps!


Hi I need this as well.

When I add the webhook integration in then add the URL from the Webhook Node in n8n and press connect in Monday it comes back and says “the provided URL has not returned the challenge”

How do I get the connect to work - is there a setting in n8n?

Hello there @MikeNew,

Your endpoint (the URL you use) needs to return the challenge as explained HERE.

You would need to check with the support team of the platform that you are using, so that they can help you configure that (if it is possible on their end).