How to make a mirrored sub board?


I’m trying to use Monday to track leads from one department to another through my entire company. It’s closest to a CRM board type.

I need to make Sub boards for each department that updates to the master board and thus can track a lead all the way from the start through many sub boards.

I need to give each department only access to those things in their department but have all the info on a master tracking board.

I was thinking there should be a function or way to make a mirrored sub board but so far I’ve only found very complex ways of doing this.

Can anyone please help me?



Welcome to the Monday community!

This is definitely something a Top Level Board(Master) → Multiple Lower Level Boards(Sub) workflow can handle. A few questions to determine the best way to handle this.

  1. How many departments do you have?
  2. Is every department included on every lead?
  3. The specific information that the departments need access to; How much is on the Master board vs. on the Sub Board?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello @JeremyB!
You are absolutely right. What you are trying to achieve is rather complex. Especially with keeping information restricted between groups within your own organisation.

We would love to help you out. Most likely you need to rethink everything from scratch and we need to start with a scoping session around what you are trying to achieve and why before we can help you out.

Please reach out through DM or mail ( if you want to follow up on this.

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Thanks guys, that was fast!

So little more about what I’m trying to do.

I’m trying to set Monday up for an advanced CRM and project tracking flow.
Starting with lead acquisition, lead qualifying, lead transformation, lead servicing, lead off-boarding.

“ 1. How many departments do you have?”
6-7 departments with separates teams in each department.

“2. Is every department included on every lead?”
Yes, lead progresses through each department and all info is needed on a master board for metrics, statistics, etc.

“3. The specific information that the departments need access to; How much is on the Master board vs. on the Sub Board?”
Each department only needs access to their area of concern, not the entire board as it would confuse them.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

If I can figure it out myself I will but otherwise if the pricing is fair I would be willing to hire a professional.


Hey @JeremyB , a way you could do this would be to use Unito, the company I work for. What you would have to do is build a Monday masterboard, and have all the information from the other boards sync to that one. That way, you would be able to choose what information you want from each board to sync to the masterboard (not all the info on the board). Here’s some info on the sync. :slight_smile:

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I still need help with this…

Really hard to believe the creators of Monday did not build this into Monday.

Is there a contact in Monday I can reach out to to get this functionality programmed into Monday?

Hi @JeremyB - I understand the frustration on this one.

Have you checked the solution mentioned by @jillian ? It appears it may meet your needs. For transparency, I have not not used it at this point so can not fully recommend as a solution for you. Outside of this, you are really looking to do something similar, as in creating a master board which mirrors columns from sub-boards.

As @Thomas-Omnitas mentioned, depending on your current structures they may require a bit of a rebuild…

This is in development but when released will only be made available for Enterprise customers.

If you would like to discuss more feel free to reach out any time here via DM or send me a message at

Take care,


We help configure for CRM and your use case all the time. You have all the components needed within monday (no feature development needed), you just haven’t found the right setup.
Im afraid that this is not something we can consult on over text.

Feel free to reach out if you want our help to structure this for you.

With regards,