How to make data available for each contractor

Our company is a visiting doctors service that visits different locations. Each item on our board represent a particular visit, which has many, many columns to track the very specific details pertaining to each visit.

There is no particular employee (other than myself lol) that needs to see all this information at once, which is why we have many views, each of which block out a majority of the data on the board. One such view is the “Payroll” view.

This view has the location of the visit as the item name, the date of service (DOS), Patient count (PT), Labor Cost (The amount the doc gets paid for that visit), “Payroll” status (Has or will it be paid), The name of the doctor, wether we billed for the visit yet, and finally what is our financial arrangement with that specific doctor (This arrangement combined with the number of patients seen, makes each payment unique.)

When processing payroll, we like to send an email to each doctor explaining their compensation for that payroll period. This requires that we send out email one by one to each doctor. Our business is growing and we just don’t have time for it.

Is there any way to set up a portal/link/view, that will allow to the doctor to see the pertinent info pertaining to his visits while blocking all other data (who the other doctors are, are other locations, financial compensation of other doctors ect.)??

Please advise.