How to manipulate the result of a query to monday.api()?

Hello. Greetings to all is this community. I’m new to so any help is welcome. I’m doing the Developers Pathway, and the final quiz is to make a widget with the weather conditions of certain geographical locations. I have made the board with the necessary data. I proceed to perform a query to monday.api(). The problem is that the result of the call I can not use. it just stays as a string, I can’t iterate through it to use the individual data. How can I manipulate the results of the calls? Thank you. I would like to be able to finish said quiz.

Hello @isrraelRios and welcome to the community!

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Which query are you using?

How does the response look like?

Hi Matias. Thanks for answering. look at my query
‘query { boards( ids : 2664704591 ) { items { id : name column_values(ids : “location”) { text }}}}’ .

the response is {“boards”:[{“items”:[{“id”:“John Smith”,“column_values”:[{“text”:“Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela”}]},{“id “:“Edith Ruza”,“column_values”:[{“text”:“Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina”}]},{“id”:“david Rios”,“column_values”:[{“text”:” Perth Western Australia, Australia”}]},{“id”:“Peter Doe”,“column_values”:[{“text”:“Calgary, Alberta, Canada”}]},{“id”:“Mary Jones” ,“column_values”:[{“text”:“London, United Kingdom”}]},{“id”:“Lionel Messi”,“column_values”:[{“text”:“Paris, France”}]}, {“id”:“Samy Forte”,“column_values”:[{“text”:“Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico”}]},{“id”:“Tadeo Carthy”,“column_values”:[{"text ":“Tel Aviv, Israel”}]}]}]}.
This is exactly the information I want. Until here it works correctly. But, and here’s my problem, I can’t assign it to a variable. I can’t deserialize it, I can’t do anything with that response. I am using javascript and react.

What I want is to get the location information out of the query and build another query against a weather forecast api to get the data for each location

If you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it. although it is sure easier than it seems.