How to mirror multiple boards in one master board

Hi all, I’m having trouble linking multiple boards to one master board.
Some background:

We have multiple sales people and each member has their own dashboard where they enter client information and deposits etc. I would like to make one admin master board that shows all these entries on the same board.
I have been able to link one board to the master board fairly easily with each of the columns mirrored, but when i try to link an additional board it creates another set of identical columns and the master board quickly becomes very messy.

Ideally, each time a sales person creates a pulse, it is automatically created and linked in the master board so that all the information between the boards is reflected and automatically updated with changes.

Has anyone got any experience with achieving this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi @Sidney - and welcome to the community! As for you your question, an option would be to reverse your thinking on how you setup the relationship between master and child boards. Rather than attempting to have the Master board feed from all the child boards, you should have your child boards feed from the Master.

Basically, setup your master board with all the columns you would want to utilize within your child boards. The fields on your child boards are mirrored from the master. You then have a two way link between the boards and there is no limitation to number of boards as you have encountered.

One limitation to this is the use of subitems. At this time there is no way to move subitems from one board to another. If you want to utilize subitems this solution will not work for you.

Once you have this developed, you can use an automation that each time a record is created in a child board it creates it and links it in the master board. I usually link it to a status column that triggers the move.


Once you have this setup - you can then create overview boards from the master. It then becomes your own stop shop for all reporting, etc.

I know this is a lot and hopefully it makes sense (it’s a bit of a mind bend :)).

If you every need more assistance feel free to reach out anytime.


however, this method does not allow the motherboard to perform, for example, the sum of items from the child boards. :frowning:
For example, I have a project overview board, this is the main board. And then I have boards with the name of the projects and in them the individual tasks and budgets for these tasks. Then I can’t make the sum of the budgets of all tasks on the main board