How to open a custom modal when a column value changes?

Hello, I have an app with an Item View feature. Is it possible to automatically open up the to my Item View whenever a specific column on a board/item is changed?

Another option… is it possible to open a custom modal when a specific column on a board/item is changed?

I’m wanting to interact with my custom app when a specific column on a board/item is changed, but I’m not seeing a way to tie it all together. Any ideas?


I’m beginning to think this just isn’t possible. I can have a listener in my item view to detect the column value changes, but that doesn’t do any good if the item view isn’t already open.

At the moment, I don’t think that is possible. You can only make changes to using your app view or using integrations or webhooks but cannot trigger your app or any other window to open when a column changes.
If you really need it and you are developing an app for a close environment, for example, for your company only or for yourself, off the top of my head, one way you can achieve this is to develop a custom browser extension and then using webhooks in monday, when a column changes, you can trigger a click event on the item that was changed which will then open the item view.
I haven’t tried this myself but if you really need this functionality, it’s worth giving it a try

Thank you, that makes sense.

webhooks/browser extension would be possible, you’d have to use websockets/pusher to capture the event the fastest, otherwise you’d constantly be polling a server for something.

Good thoughts, thanks again!

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