How to parse phone number to only digits?

Monday’s phone number field only allows digits.

How can I parse an incoming phone number via an integration to only the digits?

For ex:
1-444-555-1212 >> 14445551212
1 (444) 555-1212 >> 14445551212



It depends on where you need this. If you are using Make/Integromat, try:

for monday formulas, try:
REGEXREPLACE("1-444-555-1212", "[^\d]*([\d]*)[^\d]*([\d]*)[^\d]*([\d]*)[^\d]*([\d]*)[^\d]*([\d]*)[^\d]*([\d]*)[^\d]*([\d]*)[^\d]*([\d]*)[^\d]*([\d]*)[^\d]*([\d]*)", "$1$2$3$4$5$6$7$8$9$10")

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Thanks, Jim. Figured regex might be the way to go.

I searched help and found this article. Is there a built in phone number parser? I couldn’t find one.

EDIT: I found it in the list of apps!


Good to know.

If it matters to you, for your use case using the replace() regex won’t cost you an operation.

Forgot to mention that I’m using Make (formerly Integromat) to bring data into Monday.

When I use the phone number parser, it send 4445551212 to Monday, but the field appears blank…until I click into it and you can see the editable number. If I click out of the field, the number disappears. If I click back in and delete and re-add the last digit, it shows the phone number. Ever seen this before?

Here’s a short video of what I’m talking about.


Weird. No, I can’t say I’ve seen that before. I would recommend contacting monday support on this one.