How to populate an app's dropdown custom field

Hi there!
I’m making an Monday app which needs to take data from a dropdown field. I found where i can create it, but i can’t find a place where i would populate this dropdown field with the board data.

I found an old discussion here that shows a url where it would use to fetch the dropdown options, but as you can see on the image below, this url field isn’t available anymore.

Can you help me? Thanks!

hi @william.brochensque

The discussion you referred to was about populating the dropdown values in an integration recipe. That is indeed done by an app’s endpoint returning the options. I am not too familiair with view apps but I assume you need to set the dropdown values in your code.

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See the Options / “+Add” bit on the left hand side? Click it.

Hello @william.brochensque!

What information from the board do you want to use here as options for the dropdown?

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I need to populate it dynamically via code (Because my view app would populate that field using data from the board that uses my app).
It’s pretty obvious that button… so i would not miss it…

I intend to use data from a status column to populate it.
It’s an internal app so there’s no problem with using an fixed column on my code!

Yeah, i saw it was an automation recipe instead of a view one :confused:.
So, probably there’s nothing such as “Remote options url” for view apps? :frowning:

Hello again @william.brochensque!

You are correct. For the fields for a view, there is no option for getting the options dynamically.

Hope that helps!


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