How to Query Time Tracking Filtered By a Specific Time (Day)

I’m trying to Query my Team’s Time Tracking but I want to get specifically wich day and how many hours were added to their tasks.
I’ve already read all the API v2 Info but, there’s nothing related to a timestamp while querying the TimeTracking column , the data that I get from that column is “startDate” or sometimes “changed_at” but that doest work to me because that doesnt tell me how many hours my teammates spent on their tasks during the day.
Is there any way to query this? I think that it might be possible because monday allow me to filter by day-week-month-year the TimeTrack of my Teammates

Thank you


Hey @lizarazomiller – thanks for posting!

While you can query the summarized data from the time tracking column, at the moment there isn’t a way to use the API to drill into the sessions or start/end dates inside the column.

That said, I’ve gone ahead and added the “feature-request” tag to this topic and added it to our internal requests backlog so our product team knows it’s important to you!


Hello thank you so much for answering and for add the topic to the internal requests,
I got a last question, is it possible that in the future we could query the status column chages, for example I want to know when (date) the item started as pending then when it changed to working on it and finally when it changed to Done, it is simmilar to a timetracking log but aplied to the status colum
Thank you