How to see if a column is mirrored?

I am trying to make sure a column is not mirrored to another board before deleting it (because it’s essentially a duplicate). What are the options for seeing if a column is mirrored elsewhere (or not)? I’m open to both in-app solutions and API solutions.

Related to this question, what are the options to see a list of all mirrored columns?

I’ve searched the board and Google a few times each and nothing came up.

Thanks for any help!

I am not aware of a way to do this directly. With the API its possible but rather indirect.

It it requires code that gets every board and its mirror columns, then parses their settings_str for the mirror column and checks for the board and column you’re after. There are some optimizations that can be done though, but you’d still have to query every board and its structure.

Non-trivial for sure.

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