How to send an elementor form with a prefilled Monday's item name?

Each item represents a client, and I want to be able to fill in various forms related to it, such as, Feedback from assigned employees, etc…

I guess the trigger should start from monday, for example:
Button (monday) > send Elementor template form with prefilled name to employee email

Is it possible to do so?

hi @Medint

Not sure I fully get your questions. An Elementor form is on your website, right? I do not see how to “send Elementor form through email”. Or am I misunderstanding your use case?

In any case it is not trivial to update an item (client in your case) through a form as forms normally add a new item). You should have something in place that holds the relation to the form data submitted en the existing client. I believe the JotForm app can help out here.

I found a solution - Requested Paramater
this video was helpful: