How to set text part of input field in custom trigger

With the new builder interface I am struggling to set the text part of a field in an integration (custom) trigger. It used to be {the text, theField} but now I need to type a / and can insert the field. Where / how can I change the text that shows in the integration recipe?

I checked the documentation and the documentation still shows how to type the sentence in the recipe (like I used to do). Seems that the documentation is outdated.

Let’s answer my own question :slight_smile:. After a few hours trying to find this I can share some good news.

The text user see (and click) in the recipe is now moved to the field definition. Not hard to find if you build a brand new one, very hard to find when you want to edit an integration build with the previous builder interface. please update the documentation on this topic (and many more :frowning:)

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