How to set time zone for formulas?

I am playing around with the formula column and I see that if you use the DAYS() function along with TODAY(), TODAY() apparently gives the current time as GMT. How would I go about changing the time zone from GMT? I don’t see a setting for this, but apologies if I missed it! TIA

Have you checked that your Monday account is set to the correct time zone? I just tried these myself and it comes back as the right time zone:

My TZ is set to Arizona in my user profile. This is the formula I’m using:

IF(AND({Start Date}, {Stop Date}), DAYS({Stop Date}, {Start Date}), IF({Start Date}, DAYS(TODAY(), {Start Date}), ""))

Right now, as it is 2:43 PM in Arizona, displays 0.905 for the formula calculated value using Jan 21 as the start date, which corresponds to 21:44 (GMT).


Interesting. I’ve recreated your formula on a test board. How do you calculate the decimal to time? Lets see if mine is doing the same thing.

Here is my result: 0.55 and my current time is 8:14am EST

Also I tried NOW() in place of TODAY() and got a different result:
0.549 and my current time is 8:14am EST