How to setup a Seamless Integration

I am a newbee to developing integrations.

I want to make an app that reads data from an online application (crm / accounting) that has an API that supports Seamless Integration as an authentication method. (not oAuth)

I am a javaScript programmer, but have never done something like this.

I have read documentation (on authentication and webhooks) , but I can’t figure how to make the connection, what steps to take.

So far I have:

  • created a developer account
  • created an app in ‘My apps’

But then I am already lost… I think parts of my problems are:

  • where to set to use ‘Seamless integration’
  • how to ‘name’ and where to set the various URI 's for events

Who can give me some hints on this or give directions to specific documentation on this subject.

Hello there @loovanloon,

It sounds like in this case you would need to create a custom app with an integration feature.

You will probably need to create a recipe with a custom trigger so that your app knows when something happens in your other platform, and, if you want to send data from that other platform into a monday board, you might want to use a built-in action (create item in board) mixed with a custom field in your trigger of type “dynamic mapping”.

This would allow you to create items in your board based on what happens in the other platform (maybe the creation of a lead or something similar).

You can then also create a different recipe to keep your existing monday items updated whenever something changes in an existing lead. For that you could use a different custom trigger (triggered by a different event in your other platform) and, depending on what you want to do, you could use a custom action with the help of our API to update the column values of existing items.

This second part you could also create without the need for a recipe in monday. You could just use the API to update data whenever something happens in your other platform.

I hope this helps!


Thank you. I understand that. But I am stuck on the step before that. What would the various URI’s look like. Do I need to set them up at the monday side or on the 3rd party side?

I was hoping to find a worked out example somewhere of the settings on both sides.

Hello again @loovanloon,

If your app will use endpoints for it to work, you will require to set them up on your end.

You can find a few example apps here!


Thank you. I will check that out!

Glad to help @loovanloon !