How to setup time tracking with Monday task? like it should show it their

I am creating an app for time tracking and I want to show the time of the development on the boards so is it possible that on board it can be shown, or any other way to get to the team?
it will be really helpful
I got this topic because the previous app didn’t had any integration with monday

Hi @Dishant769, you can get date/time value when the status of the task was changes from “None” to “Working on it” (it will be start value) and from any status whatever you want to “Done” (if this status means that you stop working on the task, this will be the finish value) and then calculate the time range from these both values and write, for example, to the text column in pattern you want:

  • you can specify a time unit after a time value ‘X’, such as Xw, Xd, Xh or Xm, to represent weeks (w), days (d), hours (h) and minutes (m), respectively.
  • If you do not specify a time unit, minute will be assumed.
  • also you can set your current conversion rates 1w = 5d and 1d = 8h.

@TMNXT-Dev No, Not like that. I was tell that what if the developer working on a task start time from 0 and then stop the time when he/she finishes the task. so, when the task is finished then developer can click on finish and it should record the time on the boards for that particular task
can this be possible?

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@TMNXT-Dev thanks for jumping in and helping out with some suggestions! I appreciate it.

@Dishant769 as I mentioned in the other thread, this definitely sounds possible using the API at the time, as this is already a part of the platform. You might need to couple this with automations on the platform end to start/stop timers, but it’s definitely something that you can achieve. Does that make sense? :slight_smile:


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But I am not able to get sdk or dependency for Monday integration in Android studio app. Is Android studio not counted or somewhere I am going wrong. Please help me

@Dishant769 I’m not quite sure I follow what would be the most helpful resources for you at this point, but I would suggest taking a look at the following resources that might help you get started on your building journey:

Introduction to the monday Apps Framework


I checked it but there the tutorials are not regarding Android studio its just about react.js
That’s why I asked

@Dishant769 got it! To be transparent with you, I am not an Android dev myself and I’m afraid I am not aware of any resources that I could share to assist here, as it seems this is not truly related to using our API or b building apps using our SDK, but rather, you seem to be looking for knowledge related to connecting Android Apps to other platforms/services using API requests. Does that make sense?

Either way, in case anyone within the community will share their experience, I’ll add the info here as well :slight_smile:


Good Question I also came here for asking the this type of question but When I found your question now I decided to not posting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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