How to show subitem into the side panel (conversation panel)

How can I show sub items into the side panel or conversation panel? Is there an integration or app? or any trick?

You could have a Formula column with {Subitems}, that will have the names of the subitems.

Thanks @Marius.Manic, I tried it but only columns you can see is names and count. This platform has all the features in the world but not a single one actually works. So frustrating.

It works - fabulously :blush: there is no perfect app on in the world, each one aims to do the best in some areas. IMHO, 180k+ clients can’t be wrong all together… so, choose your tool and run with it :wink:

wish I could say that and had the option to choose the tool. You’re right there is no perfect app in the world, since now I have to work in here, I’ll make the most of it. Thank you for your help.

Do you mean the Updates window that pops up on the right when you click the chat/update bubble next to an item? If so, you can just add an Item Card as a new view and then add Subitems as a widget. Though, unfortunately it doesn’t look like it supports the File column as this time.

Thanks @TaylorTedesco that’s exactly what I ended up doing, but it’s not a good user experience.