How to submit app to be listed on your integrations page


I’ve seen that you have a list of apps at integrations that integrate with

Do you have any information on how to submit details of new integrations for consideration to be listed on this page please?


Hi @asherrwood!

The integrations you see on that page are native to our platform and have been built by our in-house developers.

If you’re looking to build an integration yourself, you can definitely do so and then submit it to be approved and listed on our apps marketplace.


Hi @Helen

Thanks for the quick response.

We do already have an integration with yourself and we actually improved it last week. Some details of this can be seen at Test Management Tool - TestLodge and on our blog at Test Case Management Integration - TestLodge Blog

Can I ask what the best way is to submit it for approval to be listed please?
(We would love to start pushing the connection a little more now its had a few more features added.)


Hey Scott!

We’ve written a guide to help you prepare for our marketplace review process. Check it out here: Submit your app

Dipro :crystal_ball:

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