How to use IS NOT/IF NOT formula

Hi, I am using the formula column but can’t seem to find a formula for IS NOT or IF NOT.

The use case is:
I have a country column (location of an employee) and a date column (when they are coming back from their leaves). If they are out of country and they come back, I need to add 14 days.
So basically: If an employee’s leave location is not {country}, add 14 days to {Leave end date}.

I can’t find a suitable formula unfortunately. Anybody knows how to make this work?

Hi Chris,
You may try to do it using a status column for the country "In Country / Out of Country " and using and automation like “When status changes to something, push due date by some days” to push “Leave end date” by 14 days.

Thanks Pedro, that’s a good idea, I’ll try it.

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