How to write scripts for automated in Monday?


We want to transfer some functionality from jira to Monday. JIRA has a scripting plugin - “Scriptrunner for Jira” that allows manipulation jira-object via Groovy code. Is there any alternative to this in here?

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Could you please elaborate on what you are trying to achieve here? Please be as specific as you can as what the flow you are trying to build looks like.

With this information we will have a better understanding of the context to figure out if this is something that can be done, or maybe think of a workaround.

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  1. We use groovy script to rename files in jira, how can we do it at

The file naming logic is as follows:

For mp4 format: “Project KEY” + “" + “Summary” + "” + “Size” + “_” + “Duration” + “s” .mp4

Size and duration from file properties (size in pixels, duration in seconds).

Rounding is always in the LOWEST direction, i.e. if it is greater than zero (there is a nonzero value after the point), then the value is truncated. Example: 30.000001 → 30. 30.99 → 30

Example: HC_task-name_1080x1080_15s.mp4

We also rename: jpg, psd, Zip, Rar, 7z, png

  1. We use groovy script to Upload attachments to Dropbox from jira, how can we do it at

When clicking on “Reload Dropbox”:
Checks for the existence of a task folder at Dropbox (Creatives> Project ID> Task ID_Subject (Example: Creatives / HC / HC-101_Testing)) and subfolder ‘Content’:

  • If there is no folder, then create a task folder + subfolders ‘Content’
  • If there is a folder, clear the contents of the folder: (leave the subfolder ‘Content’ , delete all its contents)

Uploads files attached to the task to the folder:

  • “Content” subfolder contains: .png / .jpg / .jpeg / .mp4
  • files .Psd / .rar / .7z / .zip files are placed in the root folder

Writes a link to the Dropbox folder in the field: Link Dropbox
Writes a link to the “Content” subfolder of Dropbox in the field: Link Content Dropbox

If an error occurs, a comment is written to the task: “Error uploading to Dropbox. Please contact your system administrator.”

Creers, Bogdan!

Hi @Bogdan729 ! My name is Mabel, I am on the product team of Adaptavist, a partner of Monday. Great to meet you!

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