How would I fix invalid_request, error_description Invalid client_id param

I have a Workspace App I’m developing and when I push either a Major or a Minor update and try to update the app in either a test account or the account I’m developing in I get:

{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"Invalid client_id param"}

when I inspect the page’s code.

Any ideas for how to fix it? I’m only using the vanilla built in App Building Tool for a Workspace App, none of the code for it is custom so it has to be a setting somewhere or do I need to figure out how to build a custom bit of code of some sort?? I have multiple apps that I need to figure this issue out so they all update and work out of the gate, especially the one for the paying customer!

Ideas? Guidance? Help?


Hello there @sdarby,

Would you be able to please send a screen recording to so we can take a look into this from there?

Please include:

  1. Your app’s configuration
  2. Your workspace template feature’s configuration
  3. The steps you are taking in order to update the version
  4. The error you are seeing

With that information we will better understand the context to help you look for a solution.

Looking forward to hearing from you over email!


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