HTML support in Email automations/integrations

Please add the ability to use HTML within an email automation. With Monday’s gmail integration it’s not ideal to send out unformatted emails. I tried entering a full HTML formatted email within the integration and weirdly enough within the actual Monday interface the email showed perfectly however when performing test on the integration we found that the email sent was basic unformatted writing. This was a little strange. Formatted emails look much more professional than simple text.
Staying within the same integration is it possible to actually update columns (not just an update for the pulse) with certain info contained in an email. Such as fill in an email column with the senders email. Or change status to this if subject contains that. Those sort of things.


Hey Miltime19!

Qassam here from the’s Customer Success team :slight_smile: I think the formatted HTML email would be a great addition to our set of email integration possibilities and it will most certainly boost the integration usage :fire: Hence, I’d like to see what you want your email to look like in order to suggest this feature to our dev team :amphora:
You’re correct, our integration still does not populate columns with email’s input. Therefore, I want to suggest that you use the Forms instead :smile: Do you think it could work?

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I don’t believe so because it would be for tacking and not customer input. So if this email sends something regarding something specific it would be awesome for the status or text or any column to change with that. As far as the html goes would you like me to send the code I have?

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Wholesale Services of America
4 W. Bryan St. Savannah, GA 31401
Reservations: 1-858-622-2904 (Phone)
Member Services: 1-800-210-5783 Ext: 700

The link below is your digital member guide

This was sent originally in html and you can see how the display looks. We desperately need this in the email integration

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@Miltime19 - I see what you are saying :ok_hand: I think this could be great too.

I will submit this request to our product team to review and assess its urgency :slight_smile: Still, I won’t be able to give an ETA on when this would be deployed.

If you have any further input on this matter, let us know :raised_hands:


Any updates on this enhancement?

I’ve just identified that the Outlook integration could be used to provide an email update to external stakeholders. However, I’m reluctant to use it as I can’t use even basic html formatting in the outgoing message.

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I mean, i can format this text for the forum, but still no automated Mail. Those mail integrations are pretty useless for any serious business. We got a CI with our manual mails, why not with automated ones?

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I’d also love this. Even if HTML can’t be added, even simple markdown would probably work. Anything is better than no formatting at all.


Any update on if we can do HTML formatting yet?
The main feature I want is the ability to hyperlink. We send hundreds of emails to customers a day through and they have links that look like this:


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Hi @snicho, @erics, @Aaren, & @sloth! This is a request that our team receives frequently and we are aware of the need. At this time, I don’t have a concrete timeline for this update. I will pass along the support from this thread, and we will provide you with updates as we have them :slight_smile:


+1 same here. I would create a reply mail in html editor and just paste html code to the response.


+1 from me. Even basic formatting options and ability to have tables for formatting presentation better would be a big step forward.


YEAH I just realized my emails to CLIENTS were going out in one huge block of text, and I feel like an idiot. It looks perfect inside monday, yet when we get the email copy it’s a mess. It makes us look so unprofessional-- and it boggles my mind why this isn’t fixed a year after the initial question?

Would love to see HTML viewable in updates.

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I’m able to use this code to embed links. Copy the code in the quotes and enter your details. Delete the space between the first a and < /. Should be <a href and .
May need an outside source to create the update, such as Zapier.

< a href=“LINKHERE”>LinkDescriptionHere< /a>

Hello Miltime,

I am receiving emails by Gmail integration but I am not able to see the message. HTML availability view only.

Has Monday development team already found a solution for this?


Unfortunately I have not seen this added yet…

Sending professional looking emails to clients and partners automatically based on project status changes is a critical part of our organizations’s workflow.

Without the ability to format the email content, we get no benefit from the integration and are currently evaluating having our dev team roll our own trigger system or (unfortunately) moving on to another platform.


We are dying to have links look clean that we sent to clients.
Please enable emails to be sent using html links

Warning to everyone, your emails will appear to be sent correctly within monday if you use html, however they will not render correctly in emails clients.


Hey @carolinefox,

Your comment has inspired me to build a HTML drag & drop email integration for in the Apps Challenge Hackathon.

I gave you a shout out in my entry on
Here’s the link to my project -

This post has a video demo on how the app works. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you !!