HTML support in Email automations/integrations

Hi @upitchika . Can you send me the link to your app please?

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@upitchika Can I please get an activation link? I have tried so many workarounds!

Thank you!

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Is this still a problem? I am considering to develop an app to solve this. Please show your interest if you still need it.

Hi @RobATX I am an app developer and considering to develop an app to solve this problem. Can you please let me know what top 3 things you would expect the HTML email app to do?

  1. Rich Text
  2. Save Templates
  3. Ability to add variables into template
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Thanks a lot @RobATX ! Let me make a prototype (to start with for #1 i.e., Rich Text) and share with you. I´ll keep you posted with the progress.

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@georgesmith9914 we are very serious about getting this going asap. please send an email to and we can speed this up. Thanks!

Hey guys,
We’ve been working on developing it for the last couple of months - soon we’ll be releasing the HTML builder along with Monday automations (integrations) as a brand new app.

Will keep you posted here! :slight_smile:


Hi @upitchika your app is amazing and just what I’ve been looking for. I would really appreciate getting to use it and test it. Would it be possible for you to share it with me? Thanks in advance and thank you for contributing to this community.

Hi @upitchika,
This looks great, I’d love to test it out, if possible, please?

If anybody needs assistance with html emails sent via, send me an email

. I can help! :slight_smile:

This is an awsome app just what i am looking for @upitchika - Could you please send the download link to would realy apriciate that.

Hi @Miltime19 I am developing an app to solve this problem. Do you primarily need to send a formatted email like the example you shared or also include variables (e.g., Board Name, Item Name etc.)? I am still trying to understand the expectations from this app better. Will you have some minutes to answer a few questions on email or over a call? Please let me know.

Thank you.


Hello @upitchika,
This looks awesome!
I would love to try out the app, would it be possible to send me a link to your app?

Hi @upitchika – if you are still doing this / if your solution is still available, could you please message me the link? Thank you! info[at]

@upitchika could you send me a DM with the install link as well please? that would be amazing! Many thanks!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to update you and tell you about our new feature process Thanks for your feedback. We want to let you know that we are launching a new feature request process to give you more visibility into our product roadmap. As part of the new process, every quarter will discuss top voted features from the community and give you a status update.

As you may have noticed, we have also been condensing old and new comments and threads to clean up this category and so things might look a little different. With our new process, we are providing more transparency into our future development plans with the community and are excited to share it with you.

Hi @upitchika could you please send me a link as well? Thank you very much!!

Hi @upitchika - is this app still available? Can you send a link?

Does anyone from @mondaydotcom even listen or monitor this? 4 years I’ve been waiting for this!!!

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