HTML support in Email automations/integrations

@upitchika , would you also send me the download for your app?

With all of the requests above and the length of time this feature has been requested, I am disappointed that Monday has not built this into their app. Maybe they can buy yours!!!

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi. Brilliant that you are working on the app, tried testing it our and got stuck at “connect to email provider” as I am receiving error message “** took too long to respond.” You can reach me at gediminas [at]

Can you share it with me?

Hi @upitchika
I’m new in Monday and if your solution is still available, could you please email me the link at
Thank you.

+1 vote for native HTML email support. Looking back in the smaller related thread #12, we asked for this and have been talking about it since 2019. Surely it’s a priority by now.

@upitchika - I’d love to try your app! Could you please share it with me? Thank you!!

Hi @upitchika!
I would love to try your application, could you send it to my e-mail?

Hi @upitchika !

I would love to try your application, could you send it to my e-mail?

I would love to try this too, could you please send it to my email?

Adding the functionality of adding CC’ed people onto the email column would be amazing.

I’d like to try out your app as well. still available? Thank you!

Hey its been a year, Any update on this or is this a fallen on deaf ears situation? This is a very crucial update that should of happened along time ago. I don’t see how this would be a very time consuming feature to develop. This thread has gone on since 2019 and 5 years later its still not even on a roadmap. This is a pretty big pitfall. There are 251 replies on this thread which you would think would be enough to make that happen?

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Hi Everyone!

I want to provide some clarity on this request. At the moment, this feature is available when using CRM pro. The term is working on more capabilities around this and will update on any changes to it. You can read more about HTML and emails here.

If you have more insights or ideas around this, share with us below!

Understood, This should be a feature on Work OS as well. Email’s and Activities does not automate.