HTML support in Email automations/integrations

Hi! This exist on our sales CRM pro accounts, You can learn more about sales CRM here. At the moment we are not planning one expanding it, but there are apps in the app store that you can check out that can help with your use case!

Hi Everyone, After speaking with the team, they explained that this feature exist in our sales CRM platform. You can learn more about the feature here.

If you do not have sales CRM, you can look into different monday app and read through the comment below for recommendations by the community.

You can use Outlook for the email automations.

This is needed - I shouldn’t need to use SuperMail to send nicely formatted emails based on the item information in the board. As a new customer to Monday, this has really disappointed my team, and may mean we don’t now move to the full Enterprise edition.


Hello @Miltime19
Check out EasyMails where you can design email template using drag and drop editor.
So you don’t need to use even HTML code also.
Just need to create templates and you can simply use it everywhere by create recipes.

@Julietteb I am still confused by this…

HTML Email Editing is not possible with automations in Sales CRM Enterprise / Pro either as far as I can see.

The automations still only support the standard Email text - or maybe I am overlooking something?

Hello @shayan.moussawi

Take a look on EasyMails app on Where you can create email template using drag and drop editor and all automation will work on that.

It’s rather disappointing that this has been marked as released when it doesn’t address the initial user request, which was to have html support in email automations in the Work Management solution.

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It is not released in Sales CRM either.

You cannot use HTML in the Email automations or integrations.

All you can do is use HTML in Bulk Emails which are not sent using automations.

Interesting - I don’t work with the CRM module so I didn’t have that visibility.

Please advise as I’m not able to find this feature

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Hi @upitchika please could you send me a link to this app?