HTML support in Email automations/integrations

I’ve had a play around with @upitchika 's app.

I had to watch his demo video a few times to work out where some things were as I have never built a HTML format email before. It reminds me of my WIX website or Canva graphic design program in the sense that it is a very drag&drop user-friendly platform.

It does everything the integrated outlook/gmail does but better for the customer on the other end if that is what you are using it for.

You can add logos, buttons, hyperlinks and fully customise the colours and everything without needing to know how to write code.

It’s better than plain text that goes “hey {} your order is ready” . You can actually stick your branding on it so the customer knows who it is from.

HTML Email by @upitchika is a good app for customer facing emails.

This is great! I’d like to give it a try. Will you share it? @upitchika

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Hey, I’ve been using your app today trying to setup up a template.
It has been working great but for some reason the integration won’t send any emails anymore. I have tried to change the trigger, try in another board, reinstalled the app, overwriten the template but I still don’t get any E-mail. I got one the first time I tried it but after that its been dead.

Do you know any reason for why this is happening?

Edit: I just received all of the email’s from my testing, I guess there was a server problem or something like that that made them delay.

Hey @Robin.H
Glad to know that you received all the test emails. Not sure what caused the delay this morning but I just added some internal metrics to see how long it is taking for processing the emails. I’m seeing a sub 3 second latency within my app from the time the trigger is received from to the email being sent out. The actual email receiving time into the inbox may vary depending on the network latency and other factors. I will keep an eye out for any further delays within the app.

Please let me know if you experience this again, I am happy to dig in.

Thank you !!

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WOW! That is awesome! I will have to test it out!

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Hey again! @upitchika

I’ve been playing around a bit and got some feedback for possible Bugs/Suggestions for easier use and would like to share them with you if you got time to look at them or put in a checklist for further updates. :slight_smile:

2 things you have already solved with the latest update which was concerning Template loading and Pulse ID not working, so great too see that!

  • ”Please make sure there are no unsaved changes before loading X template” (Bug)

Load default Temple keeps on triggering when trying to type in ”Custom Template Name”. If you stop or aint fast enough you will get multiple popups that you need to close to be able to keep writing in your custom template name.
Also triggers the popup if you go back to the board and back into the Email editor.

  • Embedded links

If you try to embed something in the builder the content will show up in the builder but won’t show up when you send it as an email. I tried this by using a text field. Not sure if there is a solution to this either make it able to embed or make it so that the content won’t show up.

  • Fullscreen mode (Bug)

When using fullscreen mode you are not able to scroll all the way to the bottom if the email is a bit longer.

  • Access to drag and drop blocks when further down in the E-mail. (Suggestion)

When you are at the bottom of an E-mail and trying to add something you are not able to see all of the drag and drop blocks depending on how far down your are. You have to scroll up, grab the block you want and then hold it with your cursor to make it start scrolling down again.

  • Navbar + Navbar link (Bug)

When adding a Navbar to a column, it auto populates with the 4 standard examples. If you then try to use Navbar Link to add a fifth bar, nothing happens when you drop it. If you then try to do it again the first one you dropped will appear. If you then remove that one the second one will appear instead.
It is not a space issue, tried this by removing all but one from the start and then adding 3 Navbar links with the same results. (First does nothing, 2nd one adds the first, 3rd one adds the 2nd)

Great job so far, Im excited to see this getting app more and more developed! :smiley:

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Hi ! @upitchika
I was wondering if there is any solution for the internatl notifications who are unformatted too. They come in the same line and doesnt respond to “return key” for making different lines of text.

Hey @Robin.H,

Great feedback ! I really appreciate it.

I just pushed a new build addressing a couple of issues you mentioned -

  1. I moved the default template selection inside the recently added load template setting. You should only see the popup when you actually try to load a default template or a custom saved template.
  2. You should be able to access the blocks even if you scroll to the bottom of the email.

I have added the other items into my backlog to investigate/fix. I will DM you if I need more details on these issues.

Thank you !!

Hey @hlopezvc,

Currently my app allows to select the “To” email address from an email column.

I can easily add a User selection to the same setting. That should be sufficient to send formatted emails for internal notifications too. I will let you know once I update the setting.

Thank you !!

Edit:- @hlopezvc, I have added the ability to select people columns as “To” email addresses.

I hope this should be sufficient to send HTML formatted internal notifications. DM me if you are looking for anything else.

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Hello @upitchika!

I think that your app could help us. Would it be possible to share it with me so that I can test it out please?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @upitchika i PM you to get access to the install link for the app.

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hi @upitchika, I would like to try the application out. I was searching for the similar application for few days. Can you please dm me the link. Thanks in advance.

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This is perfect!
Can you send me the download link to

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Hey @upitchika,

How can I get a link to your app?


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Hello @upitchika,

I would also love the opportunity to try out your app. Any chance you can send it to

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Hi @upitchika - could you provide me with an installation link as well?

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Any updates on this? This would be so insanely helpful for us.

The inability to send to more a HTML email to more than 1 person (in the same email) makes the entire gmail integration useless for us.

Hi @upitchika

Would it be possible to try your app? We’re happy to partner with you on testing and development and also provide some development money. We were just about to engage a developer to work on a solution, but it looks like you have already done most of the work, so I’d rather direct my effort to assisting you.


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Can I have an installation link to your HTML email app please?


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Hello @upitchika,

great work! Would u please send me your link to test your HTML tool. Thanks a lot !


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