HTTP 500 error code returned from APIs


This is about graphQl APIs which is returning HTTP 500 error when invalid or non-existing ID is passed in the query.
For E.g.

mutation { archive_item (item_id: 123) { id }}

Here item_id is non-existing and it returns me below 500 error.

{"error_message":"Internal server error","status_code":500}

This is not same for all APIs.

For retrieve groups if I provide invalid ID it return me empty array

query { boards (ids: 123) { groups (ids: topics){ id title color position deleted items {id}}}}


    "data": {
        "boards": []
    "account_id": 11771408

Is it possible to have consistent response in all the cases.

Hello @Yash!

Thank you for that feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I will share it with our team so that it can be reviewed.