Hubspot x Monday integration : changes are not synced


I’m using the built-in Monday x Hubspot integration to import all my HubSpot deals in Monday, and then work around the data inside Monday.

I do receive new pulses everytime I create a deal in Hubspot, but once it’s created, different values are not synced in Monday. Even if I create a value (in a field that was empty) or change one (in a field that already had a value), it doesn’t get exported in my Monday board.

Waiting for a fix, is there any way to manually trigger the sync ?

Hi @QDagault!

We’re sorry to hear you are having this setback with your Hubspot + integration. Though there is no way to manually sync these updates, have you tried deleting and re-creating the integration?

If you continue to have this setback, email if you have not done so already and we can take a closer look there.