Hubspot x Monday: Task Integration


I have been looking for a project management software and Monday so far has delivered the most options with high visibility, as you may already know.

I key component in my search is Hubspot integration ability. I noticed the features to integrate contacts, deals, and companies, which is awesome. However, I am also hoping to have tasks in Hubspot integrated into Monday. Is this possible? I’ve seen that maybe through Zapier it could work but I’m not sure how. Can somebody please advise how I can have my project task collaboration integrated into Monday?

hi @victorias
We at JT’s Cloud are a partner, we also partner with Hubspot.

We are in the progress of expanding some of the Hubspot>< functionatilties. This is currently on our list of functions we would like to build, we would love to set up a chat to get a better understanding of your requirements so we can ensure we cover it in our applications.
If you can send me an email at we can set up a time.