I am trying to fetch all boards but It gives 500 error

curl --location ‘https://api.monday.com/v2/boards?limit=25
–header ‘Authorization: API TOKEN HERE’
–header ‘Cookie: __cf_bm=2lMj7e480dZ0lsh_nOZ.9p6YV88QPB3Vg1i2ZtIe614-1681306537-0-ASaG9jUiKIKYFTdMOqJMZRipgN9wB1y8r4SvEB2eMC1UsQcYgQUbJ1+SA+FGt7lG7f7ppJuRLzh66IFtUsKzJT1NWOka1Mm7LBz2kVYaE9te’

Hello there!

Our API works with mainly one endpoint for almost all of the possible queries and mutations. the endpoint is https://api.monday.com/v2

Since this is a GraphQL API and not a REST API, you don’t need to use multiple endpoints.

You can check our Postman collection with examples here.

If you want to get your boards’ IDs and names for example, you could use a query like this one:

curl --location 'https://api.monday.com/v2' \

--header 'Authorization: RELEVANT_API_KEY' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--data '{

"query": "query { boards(limit:10) { id name } }"


I hope that helps!


Thank you @Matias.Monday.
Does monday provide any O-auth or sdk to configure?

Hello again,

You can find our OAuth documentation here!

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you again
I need one more help Is there any document where I can get all attributes of boards , items , subitems etc . like folder name etc .
I need all attributes name to add into query. for boards, items , subitems, folder etc.

Hello again @vipul,

You can find everything in our API documentation.

Everything else can be found in the same place :slightly_smiling_face:


How do I fetch labels for a particular board because tags returns empty if tag is used to fetch labels . example lablels (done, inProgress, workingonit)

Hello again @vipul,

If you want to see the labels of a status column, you can use a query like this one:

  boards(ids: 1234567890) {
    columns(ids: "status") {


How Do I fetch archived items ?
“query”: “query { boards (ids:[id]) { name id items(limit:10 page:1 state: archived) {id name created_at state assets {id name url file_size file_extension } subscribers {id name email} column_values{id value} subitems{id name state column_values{id value} subscribers {id name email} created_at parent_item {id}} group{id title}} } }”
I am trying with this but it returns “Field ‘items’ doesn’t accept argument ‘state’”,

Also I tried by passing exclude_nonactive but it doesnt work @Matias.Monday .

Hello there @vipul,

Our team is aware of this and is working on a change for the items resolver that should resolve the issue.

Please stay tuned to our changelog were this change will be announced.

Since I do not have an ETA on it, please do not count on being able to fetch archived items for now.


Thanks @Matias.Monday for your reply.

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