I am trying to have a custom field

I am trying to have a custom field and the situation is like when I opt for dynamic mapping and mention the dependency to be the boardId, I easily get the boardId but when i choose it to be the list and mention the dependency on boardId, I don’t get it in my request.

Any help would be appreciated…!

hi @aquibk

See my custom field config below

The you need to define that dependency field in the input field setting of your recipe, like

The boardId value (in my case called boardIdMaster) will be sent to your remote options URL in the payload:

async function cfTemplateColumns(req, res) {
  const { authorization } = req.headers;
  const { payload } = req.body;
  const { boardIdMaster } = payload;

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your concern but I am exactly doing the same thing and still struggling to get it.
I define the dependency in recipe and save it but when I come and see it again, It vanishes out.


mmm… interesting. I see you have those in your action part of the recipe. Where does the boardId fields gets it input from. Is that from the context or from the trigger output. In my scenario the custom field is part of the trigger part of the recipe. I also did a likewise exercise in the action part where the boardId gets its input from the trigger output. As I always use custom triggers my code will post to the subscriptionId with the boardId in the payload.

Not sure why the dependency field in the recipe will vanish out…looks like a bug to me.

the boardId fields gets it input from the recipe sentence where I am selecting the board in action part.

Not sure how that could work. Your boardId needs to come from either the Context or the Trigger I guess. From what I understand you want to make columnOptions dependent on a board that is picked by the user. In that scenario I would say that your the field where the user picks the board needs to be a custom field too. My 2 cents:

  • create an additional custom filed (boardSelector) which is a List type with a Remote Option URL
  • create an endpoint that populates the custom field boardSelector
  • make columnOptions dependent on boardSelector

I do the same in one of my apps and it works fine. WARNING: for the ease of discussion let’s say I have:

  • custom field A
  • custom field B
  • B is dependent on A

When the user clicks B he gets a warning that he needs to select A first (nice). When you select a board in A and the user clicks B the endpoint for populating B is called with the value of A in the payload (so you can populate the correct values in B). However, when the user than click A again and select a different board, followed by clicking B again: the endpoint for populating B will not be called. The support team confirmed this is a know bug, no resolution date given yet. In other words: this works only one time after the configuration screen is opened.

Thank you so much for your concern…!

Well as far as my boardId is concern, Yes I must get it from context, trigger or recipe ,the current options what we have.
Since there are two boardId’s involved in my recipe therefore I am getting one from the context and the other from the recipe , As we do have an option of getting it from monday.com itself which is working perfectly when I opt for dynamic mapping.
When it comes to the dependency I am already making it dependent on boardId at the time of creating custom fields and defining the same in recipe section. Even I am getting the warning for selecting the board first when I choose dynamic mapping instead of list,but when I opt for list, Though I do net get the warning for selecting the board first but I do get the list of board to select from the recipe.
I think you’re right it might be a bug…!!

In between, I am gonna try for that custom BoardSelector option as well.

Let’s see by when we can get it resolved…!

Hi again @aquibk!

In this case, as @basdebruin mentioned, both the second board Id and its dependent columns need to be custom fields.

This means they both will POST to two different URL endpoints. Once the user selects the second board, its custom endpoint will return a payload containing the board Id, and this can then be used to retrieve its dependent items. Does this make sense?


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