I can't unlist my app from the marketplace

So I’ve contacted support and I’ve posted on the marketplace Monday board and I’m getting ignored so hopefully posting here will help.

I can’t delete my app from the marketplace.

I press this button:

I confirm with delete:

and it doesn’t delete it but sends me to “My Apps” page which shows my apps that I’ve made which includes the app that I tried to remove with the status “listed”.

hi @pepperaddict

When you go to developers > app > Share, you will see this:

Apparently you can’t delist an app from the marketplace without the help of monday support

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Hello @pepperaddict !

I have contacted the relevant team about this and they have taken your app out of the marketplace :slightly_smiling_face:

hi @Matias.Monday , I still see it listed.

Hi, I just want to bump this.
My app is still listed here: monday.com: Apps Marketplace

Is there a reason why it’s not getting removed?
What available options do I have left to get this done?

Hello @pepperaddict !

The app is delisted. People can not find it in the marketplace.

About the possibility of accessing it via that specific URL, I will talk with the team about it and let you know how to proceed.

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Hello again @pepperaddict we have made the app inaccessible using that URL as well.



Yay! Thank you @Matias.Monday ! It now says “published” vs listed and I have now fully removed it. Thank you for your help and escalating this to the right people.

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